About Us

Academia Labs has put together this resource for students curious about degrees, schools, and careers available in various scientific fields. We serve as a directory of all institutions students may be interested in joining. Trainees can access the news feed to see popular schools near them as well as other students reviews of the schools.

Our Beliefs

  • There is equal value in both medical research and science as careers
  • Training is critical for skill development and better decision-making
  • Faculty advisors must get the necessary support; complement not supplant the advisor
  • Students with ongoing research must benefit from ongoing disciplinary research training from all the programs
  • Programs to work towards helping trainees develop self-awareness and career skills

Our Mission

  • Create a diverse and sustainable model workforce for the training of personnel who can promote health and advanced science
  • Provide and maintain high levels of career-related and research skills
  • Establishment of professional career development offices in all training institutions
  • Practice ethical advertising during recruiting so that prospective students are aware of the expected outcomes.
  • Position non-academic careers as valid and valuable by gaining the support and recognition of mentoring faculty
  • Test and disseminate information on the best training paradigms in publications
  • Help trainees identify and pursue career goals in the shortest time through efficient directing of their efforts.