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In recent years, travel nursing has become increasingly popular as a unique concept. It involves nurses taking on temporary assignments in healthcare facilities located in different geographic locations across the country. Travel nurses play a critical role in the healthcare industry, serving in various capacities across the country. This profession experiences expected fluctuations, particularly during crises. Below are some fascinating statistics and facts about travel nursing:

– Travel nursing can be traced back to New Orleans in the 1970s. By the 1980s and 1990s, many hospitals had adopted the practice of using 13-week contracts for nurses.

– In 2021, the average hourly pay for travel nurses was $124.96, which is three times more than that of staff nurses. As a result, 47% of staff nurses opted to leave their roles and pursue travel nursing instead.

– Travel nursing agencies offer a variety of opportunities, ranging from short-term contracts lasting four weeks to long contracts lasting between 13 and 26 weeks.

– The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a surge in demand for healthcare workers, particularly nurses, leading to an increased necessity for travel nurses. This unprecedented demand also contributed to exorbitantly high compensation packages for travel nurses.

– Although travel nursing is highly competitive, job opportunities for travel nurses are expected to continue growing at a rate of 15% through 2026, according to projections. The demand for nurses, in general, remains high, and travel nurses are particularly in demand due to their ability to fill positions on short notice.

– One of the major advantages of travel nursing is the opportunity for personal and professional growth. Traveling nurses gain exposure to diverse clinical settings and experience different cultures while expanding their knowledge base and honing their skills. They also enjoy flexibility in terms of location and work schedule and receive higher pay than registered staff nurses due to their contract-based employment status with higher hourly rates compared to regular staff employees.



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The Top Five Travel Agencies

  1. Alpha Healthcare Recruitment

Our recruitment firm places a strong emphasis on retention by sourcing and hiring high-quality talent for your organization. Not only do we deliver top talent, but we do so at half the cost of traditional staffing firms and in half the time of our competitors. We prioritize customer experience and strive to provide both you and the candidates with a positive hiring experience. Additionally, we help negotiate and close deals with candidates to ensure you do not miss out on top talent.

Our CEO Steven Mostyn, a leading expert in recruitment and job hunting, is a three-time bestselling author on the subject. To demonstrate our commitment to quality, we offer a six-month guarantee. Alpha Healthcare Recruitment is a top travel nurse agency that provides healthcare professionals with exclusive opportunities to work on short-term assignments across the United States. As a leading recruitment firm, Alpha Healthcare Recruitment has a team of experienced recruiters who provide exceptional support and guidance to their nurses throughout the entire process. They offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and flexible schedules that allow nurses to maintain an ideal work-life balance.

At our recruitment firm, we understand that long-term retention is just as important as making a successful placement for you. That’s why we take due diligence seriously and conduct behavior interviews and thorough background checks to ensure that the nurses we place will be a perfect long-term fit for your organization. We’re so confident in our nurse staffing quality that we offer a six-month replacement guarantee. Our ROT sourcing techniques, based on over 20 years of scientist recruitment research -enables us to source candidates faster than our competitors. As a result, we can recruit high-quality nurses at half the price that most staffing firms charge. For most nurse searches, we charge only 10% of the cost of a nurse’s first-year salary, compared to the traditional 20% that most recruitment firms charge.

By choosing our recruitment firm, you can be confident that you’ll receive top-quality service at a lower cost and in less time than our competitors.

  1. AMN

Another popular travel nurse agency in the industry is AMN. With over 30 years of experience, this agency has built a reputation for providing excellent job opportunities to nurses across different specialties. They also offer competitive pay rates and benefits packages, making it an attractive choice for many travel nurses.

One unique feature of AMN is their “Mobilize” program that allows travel nurses to work in disaster areas or locations experiencing nursing shortages. This program provides an opportunity for nurses to make a significant impact while also gaining valuable experience and earning higher compensation. Additionally, AMN provides support and resources such as housing assistance and clinical education opportunities to its nurses.

Overall, AMN is an excellent option for travel nurses who value flexibility, variety in job assignments, and opportunities to make a difference in communities that need it most. With its extensive network of healthcare facilities across the country and commitment to supporting its employees’ professional growth, it’s no wonder why so many choose AMN as their go-to agency for travel nursing assignments.

  1. Supplemental Health Care

Supplemental health care is an important consideration for travel nurses who are frequently on the move. As a travel nurse, it’s important to have access to quality healthcare services, especially if you’re working in different states or countries. Supplemental health insurance can help cover expenses that may not be covered by your primary health insurance. Some of the benefits of supplemental health care include coverage for medical emergencies, accidents, and illnesses when traveling.

When choosing a travel nursing agency, it’s essential to consider their supplemental health care options. The best travel nurse agencies usually offer excellent medical benefits packages that cater to the varying needs of their employees. Some agencies provide comprehensive coverage plans with dental and vision benefits included as well as flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for out-of-pocket costs like copayments and deductibles. Ultimately, your choice of a travel nursing agency should depend on how well they meet your unique needs as a healthcare professional on-the-go. Look for agencies with excellent reputation ratings in terms of employee satisfaction and retention rates while also considering their supplemental health care offerings such as prescription drug coverage and mental or behavioral therapy services.

  1. Cross Country Healthcare

Cross Country Healthcare is one of the best travel nurse agencies in the United States. Founded in 1975, the company provides healthcare staffing services to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. Cross Country Healthcare has a team of experienced recruiters who specialize in matching qualified nurses with high-paying job opportunities that fit their unique preferences and skills.

One of the standout features of Cross Country Healthcare is its commitment to providing comprehensive support to travel nurses throughout their assignments. The company offers 24/7 customer service, assistance with housing and transportation arrangements, and access to continuing education resources. Additionally, Cross Country Healthcare provides a variety of benefits and incentives for its travel nurses, including health insurance, retirement plans, referral bonuses, and paid time off.

Overall, if you are a travel nurse looking for an agency that prioritizes your needs and offers competitive compensation packages, Cross Country Healthcare is definitely worth considering. With its extensive network of healthcare facilities across the country and dedicated team of recruiters who prioritize personalized attention to each nurse’s needs, this agency offers excellent opportunities for professional growth and financial stability.

  1. Sunbelt Staffing 

Sunbelt Staffing is a leading travel nurse agency that specializes in placing highly qualified healthcare professionals across the United States. The agency offers a wide range of travel nursing jobs, including short-term assignments and long-term contracts. Sunbelt Staffing has been in the nursing industry for more than 30 years, and it has built a reputation for providing high-quality services to both clients and candidates.

The agency takes into consideration each candidate’s skills, experience, preferences, and career goals when recommending open positions. Additionally, Sunbelt Staffing provides comprehensive support to its nurses throughout their assignments, including assistance with housing arrangements, travel expenses, licensure requirements, and continuing education opportunities. Sunbelt Staffing also offers competitive compensation packages that include excellent pay rates, medical benefits options (including dental and vision), referral bonuses for bringing on new hires or referring colleagues to open positions through the company’s employee referral program. Overall, Sunbelt Staffing is an ideal choice for travel nurses who seek flexibility in their work schedule as well as excellent support from an experienced team of recruiters.

How It Works: Travel Nursing Agencies

Travel nursing agencies provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to work in different locations for short-term assignments. The process starts with the nurse submitting an application and completing all necessary paperwork, including background checks and medical clearances. The agency’s recruiters then match the nurse’s skills and experience with available positions across the country.

In addition to providing support during the hiring process, travel nursing agencies also offer a range of benefits to registered nurses during their assignments. These agencies assist with arranging accommodations, transportation, and other logistics, ensuring that nurses have a smooth and comfortable transition to their new location. Nurses work alongside local staff at hospitals and healthcare facilities, providing quality patient care while gaining valuable experience in diverse clinical settings. Assignments can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, giving nurses the flexibility to choose the duration and location that best fits their needs.

Travel nursing also offers competitive salaries, flexible scheduling options, and access to continuing education programs. This allows nurses to continue growing their careers while experiencing new places and cultures. They can gain new skills, expand their professional network, and enhance their resumes with diverse work experiences. Overall, travel nursing has become an increasingly popular career option for healthcare professionals seeking adventure and career growth without compromising their work.

Finally, another benefit of working with a travel nursing agency is the support and guidance they provide throughout your assignments. From orientation at new facilities to ongoing support from recruiters and other staff members, these agencies are designed to help ensure your success while on assignment. All things considered, there are many compelling reasons why healthcare professionals might choose to explore their options through a trusted travel nursing agency.

Explaining the process of finding and applying for positions through an agency.

If you’re a registered nurse looking for career growth opportunities while exploring new locations, applying for positions through a travel nursing agency can be a daunting task. However, it’s an excellent option that offers competitive salaries, flexible scheduling options, and access to continuing education programs.

To begin, research travel nursing agencies that specialize in the area or areas you’d like to work in. Check their reputation by reading online reviews, talking to other nurses who have used their services, and verifying if they are registered with the Joint Commission.

After selecting your preferred agency, create a profile on their website and upload your resume. Provide information about your nursing experience, licensing details, and certifications earned. Once done, you can start browsing available positions that match your qualifications and preferences. If you find a suitable opportunity, submit your application through the agency’s website or email it to them with any additional documents required.

If your application is accepted, the agency’s recruiters will conduct an interview with you via phone or video conference call. They will ask questions about your experience and preferences to match you with appropriate job opportunities. If there’s a good fit, congratulations on securing your next travel nursing assignment!


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)​

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for travel nurses due to several factors such as an aging population, healthcare worker shortages, and the ongoing pandemic. This has resulted in hospitals and healthcare facilities turning to travel nurse agencies to fill staffing needs. Travel nursing provides benefits for both nurses and employers, including the opportunity for nurses to explore new places, gain valuable experience in diverse settings, and earn higher pay than traditional nursing jobs. Employers benefit by having access to a pool of highly qualified nurses who can provide quality care quickly. However, it is important for nurses to conduct thorough research and find an agency that aligns with their needs and values their skills, as not all travel nurse agencies are created equal.

There are several benefits to working with a travel nursing agency. First, you have the opportunity to explore new cities and experience different cultures while earning competitive pay and receiving benefits. Travel nurses also have more control over their work schedules, which can be especially beneficial for those who need flexibility due to family obligations or other commitments.

When choosing a travel nursing agency, it’s important to consider factors such as reputation, support services offered (such as housing assistance), pay rates and benefits packages. It’s also helpful to read reviews from other nurses who have worked with the agency in question. Finally, make sure you feel comfortable communicating openly and honestly with your recruiter – they should be someone you trust and feel comfortable asking questions of throughout your assignment.

When considering a career as a travel nurse, a common question is about the required level of experience. Although the answer can vary depending on the agency and job requirements, most agencies prefer candidates with at least one year of clinical experience in their specialty area, and some may require additional certifications or training. For new nurses interested in travel nursing, internships and fellowships can be advantageous for gaining hands-on experience and building professional connections. Attending relevant conferences and workshops can also be helpful for staying current with industry practices and improving your resume. 

While experience is typically preferred, there are still opportunities available for new travel nurses. It’s crucial to research different agencies and job listings to find suitable options that match your skillset and career objectives.

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