Craig Miller

Craig Miller


Craig Miller is a content manager and digital database expert. He has been an academician since 1989...

April 28, 2022 Blog

Compact States Nursing: Do I Need a Multi-State Nursing License?

Do the words "compact states nursing" sound familiar? Perhaps you've been talking with your travel nurse buddy!Nurses in the compact states nursin...

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April 25, 2022 LPN Programs Guides & Articles

Best Online LPN Programs: Accredited Programs in Nursing (2022 Review)

Have you considered a career in nursing as a licensed practical nurse (LPN)? LPNs are essential workers in numerous settings such as hospitals, school...

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April 6, 2022 BSN Programs Guides & Articles

RN to BSN Prerequisites: A Complete Guide on Earning a BSN

You must earn your RN license, pass the NCLEX-RN exam, and complete your license application to earn a BSN.All RNs can become BSNs through a t...

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