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  • Broward College International Student Services Office (ISSO) 3501 S.W. Davie Road, Building 19 / Room 126 Davie FL 33314 P: 954-201-7228
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$10,000 — $15,000 Year



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Aviation, Business, STEM


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Broward College (BC), located in South Florida near Miami, was founded in 1960. BC serves 63,000+ students from 180+ countries. BC currently has 600+ F1 visa students. BC offers hundreds of degree programs. We are proud to be the school of choice for students seeking degrees that will lead them to success in the workplace.

The college offers hundreds of programs, from associate degrees to bachelor’s degrees, in Eight Career Paths:

  • Arts, Humanities, Communication, & Design (AHCD)
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health Science
  • Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation (IMCT)
  • Public Safety
  • Science, Technology, Math, & Engineering (STEM)
  • Social Behavioral Sciences & Human Services (SBSHS)

But the College’s dedication to students doesn’t stop at the academic level. BC strives to make the College experience on our campuses fun and refreshing, so students get the most out of their time with us. An abundance of recreational activities, clubs and organizations, leadership opportunities and more await students once they enroll. ​

No matter where students envision themselves in the future, Broward College wants to help them get there in the most convenient and affordable way possible.

Students can choose to:

  • Earn an associate degree (two-years program) to transfer to a university of their choice and complete the last two years of a bachelor’s degree (2 + 2). 

    Using the 2+2 method, students save thousands of dollars taking the first 2 years of higher education at BC, then automatically transferring to one of 24 universities to complete their bachelor’s degree.

  • Earn an associate degree (two-years program) and then complete one of our bachelor’s degrees (an additional two years).

  • Earn an associate degree (two-years program) to gain employment skills in high demand careers.

  • Participate in Optional Practical Training (OPT) to gain employment experience in their field of studies. 

  • BC also has English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

Mean Temperature

Average Low Temperature (winter): 75 ᵒ F / 23 ᵒC

Average High Temperature (summer): 87 ᵒ F / 30 ᵒC

International Student Support Services

International Student Success Coaches and Academic Advisors offer counseling on the admissions process, immigration, academics and personal concerns of international students. Our team provides a welcoming environment to students and connects them to several resources on campus. The Advising office helps students establish and fulfill their educational and career goals through career research and educational planning.

Broward College is committed to ensuring the success of its students.

Programs of Study

Students pursue more than 100 majors, including Arts and Sciences, Aviation, Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, and Nursing. The top six majors for international students are Business, Engineering, Computer Engineering/Science, Computer Information Technology, Supply Chain Management (Global Trade and Logistics) and Pre-Medicine. A business-based degree provides students with endless opportunities to succeed in the global world. With the rapid innovation of technology, Broward College offers Computer & Network Security (Cybersecurity). The Aviation Institute provides top-notch flight training and aircraft maintenance instruction from highly skilled instructors at an affordable cost.

Broward College offers the following types of degrees for its international students:

  • Associate in Arts (A.A.) – TRANSFER DEGREE – THE PATHWAY TO A STATE UNIVERSITY IN FLORIDA – Students complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at Broward College to transfer into one of the twelve Florida public universities to complete the last two years of the bachelor’s degree. Or, if the bachelor’s degree is offered at BC, complete the last years of the bachelor’s at Broward College. The transfer is guaranteed except for limited access or teacher certification programs or a major program requiring an audition.
  • Associate in Science (A.S.) – Students complete two years of specialized training designed to prepare them to enter the workforce in a high-demand career with guaranteed job skills. Students may also continue their education by enrolling in one of Broward College’s bachelor’s programs or transferring to other articulated A.S. to Baccalaureate degree programs at universities in Florida.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Education
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science (Biosecurity / Physical Science)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Designed to transition a registered nurse career to a bachelor’s degree (applicants must have a Florida Registered Nurse license)

Language Training Program (English as a Second Language)

The Language Training Program consists of four levels of Grammar, Reading and Communications. International students must have a basic to intermediate level of English proficiency to successfully take a placement test. After completing the program, students are guaranteed acceptance into one of our associate degrees. Students do not need to go to the American Embassy to change the F-1 visa on the passport.


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