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CEA, EnglishUSA Member, UCIEP Member

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Dear English Language Learner,

Imagine yourself on a lovely university campus filled with trees and plenty of green space… practicing your English with new friends from around the world. Sharing your culture with theirs.  And benefiting from teachers who are specialists in helping international students learn English.

Please join us at the Maryland English Institute (MEI) on the University of Maryland campus. MEI’s comprehensive program includes:

  • Friendly, patient teachers – a professional faculty of native speakers with advanced degrees in teaching English to speakers of other languages – who’ll take the time to learn your unique needs and help you meet your goals;
  • Small class sizes that guarantee you individual attention and plenty of practice time;
  • Lively, creative lessons to keep you motivated;
  • The latest computer-assisted language learning technology to empower you to reach your goals;
  • The opportunity to practice your English every day, all day;
  • The benefit of making new friends from around the world;
  • The reward of discovering new cultures that let you see the world through new eyes.

At MEI, you study at a first class university.  And you’re just minutes from the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, with its famous cultural attractions and museums a short metro ride away.

Other language schools help you learn to speak English.  MEI not only helps you learn to speak English, but also helps you prepare for academic and professional success in the English-speaking world.

Maybe it’s a focus on grammar, maybe it’s a focus on pronunciation or speaking, maybe it’s a focus on reading, maybe it’s extra support for your writing. Whatever you need, the expert teachers at MEI can help you gain skill and confidence.

About the Maryland English Institute

MEI was founded almost 30 years ago to provide English language instruction at the university and college level for speakers of other languages who want to learn English for academic, professional, or personal purposes.

MEI is a member of the University and College Intensive English Programs (UCIEP) and accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA).

What students say about the Maryland English Institute

I have gone to four language schools so far, and MEI is the best of them.
—Ryoji Maruyama, Japan

What I like best about MEI is all the international friends I’ve made here. 
—Supamarn Mitsomrwang, Thailand

My English language level wasn’t beginner when I first came to MEI so I thought it would be challenging to make much improvement, but after having studied at MEI, many native English speaker friends have told me how strong and fluent my English has become.
—Mohammad Alkuwari, Qatar

We had a wonderful teacher, who was not just a highly qualified professor but whose classes were never boring, who gave us really valuable advice (which I still use every day), who did his best to support our English language studies, who showed us that to study a new language is a great pleasure. And our professor was not the exception at MEI.  He was the rule.
—Regina Revazova, Russia

Proven success

Over the last five years, students from 65 countries, speaking almost 30 different languages, have come to MEI to improve their English. MEI’s Intensive English Program (IEP) has helped hundreds of students achieve their goals of academic success at the university level, or professional success in their chosen careers.

Make yours a success story like that of so many others.

For a brighter future today, visit MEI.



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