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Alpha Healthcare Recruitment is the top-rated healthcare recruitment staffing firm that offers its clients the most cost-effective staffing solutions for filling their healthcare positions.

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Alpha Healthcare Recruiting

Our Recruitment Process:

  1. We do deep intake sessions to truly understand your facility and the kind of healthcare talent you want to hire. 
  2. We research your market and competitors finding the best healthcare talent available.  
  3. We use advanced recruitment marketing and sourcing techniques to attract top healthcare talent.  
  4. We do deep HR behavior interviews, ensuring the healthcare talent will meet your skills and organizational culture.  
  5. We submit candidates and work with your staff through the entire recruitment lifecycle. With an emphasis on the most effective ways to get candidates through your hiring process. 

Nurse roles experience includes filling include:

Medical Surgical Nurses (Med Surg), Emergency Room Nurses (ER), Intensive Care Nurses (ICU), Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Nurses (CVICU), Progressive Care Nurses (PCU), Labor and Delivery Nurses (L&D), Pediatric Nurses (PEDS), Pediatric Intensive Care Nurses (PICU), Operating Room Nurses (OR), Cardiothoracic Nurses Operating Room Nurses (CVOR). Cath-Lab Nurses, Wound Care Nurses, Psychiatric Nurses, Rehab Nurses, Skilled Nursing RN, Home Health Nurses, Nurse Case Manager, Oncology Registered Nurses, CNAs, LPN, & Nurse Educator.

Allied Roles experience includes filling include:

Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Physical Therapists (PT), Occupational Therapists (OT), Respiratory Therapists (RT), Recreation Therapists, Cath-Lab Technologist, Speech Language Pathologists, Medical Technologists (MT), Licensed Laboratory Personnel, Dietitians, Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Social Workers, Case Managers, Phlebotomist, Transporter, Medical Assistant, Exercise Physiologist, Audiologists, Anesthesia Technician, Radiology Technologist, Medical Sonographers, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, X-Ray Technician, Sterile Processing Technician & Surgical Technologist.

RPO Projects

  • Single positions 

This is where our team fills only one role for your organization. 

  • Staffing for new facilities or departments 

       This is where our team fills positions for new facilities, departments, or a new hospital wing. 

  • Short terms RPO Projects

This is where our team fills many roles on a short-term project basis. 

  • Long-term RPO Project

This is where our team fills many roles on a long-term project basis. 

  • Complete outsourcing solutions 

This is where an organization completely outsources its staffing to us. 

  • Leverage knowledge

This is where you use an RPO to fill roles you have no experience filling. 

  • To handle the increase in roles to fill

Our team is a great way to handle the increase in staffing needs without putting pressure on your HR staffing budgets. 

  • Outsource Part of your hiring process 

This is where an organization outsources part of its hiring processes, such as sourcing, recruitment marketing, hiring events, recruitment coordination, behavior interviews, credentialing, and background checks.

Allied Roles experience includes filling include:

Hospitals / Healthcare Systems, Rehabilitation Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Clinics, Acute Care Medical Centers, Sub-Acute Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Pharmacies (Retail), Insurance Companies, Home Health Agencies, Academia, Medical Lavatories (Labs), Schools, Outpatient clinics, medical imaging centers, Government institutions, and Medical Practices. 

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