University of New England

ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Welcome to the University of New England, Maine’s largest private University. Our mission is to prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing … [Read more...]

Northwest Career College

Northwest Career College earns its stripes by offering the flexibility of online theory classes and on-site, hands-on training. Additionally, you can choose what works for you between morning and … [Read more...]

University of Phoenix, Las Vegas

The University of Phoenix operates on the motto ‘faster for less.’ The nursing courses are available entirely online for a start. Plus, you’re allowed to transfer eligible credits as an RN, helping … [Read more...]

Las Vegas College

Las Vegas College provides courses for people interested in providing hands-on care as Licensed Practical Nurses and lower level RNs, with a flexible, online RN to BSN option for licensed RNs that … [Read more...]

Carrington College, Reno

Tuition fees can seem relatively expensive at Carrington College, Reno, but trust the institution to compensate with excellent aid programs. Consider the graduation rate for a start.  However, it … [Read more...]

Western Nevada College

Western Nevada College establishes itself as a launchpad for new students and a progression school for old students looking to maintain relevance in the dynamic Nevada state. The college offers … [Read more...]

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