Great Basin College

The Great Basin College is a conducive hub to kick-start your nursing journey with an Associate's degree or a BSN as a licensed registered nurse in just one year. Impressive, isn't it? It gets … [Read more...]

College of Southern Nevada

The College of Southern Nevada joins an exclusive list of colleges giving established universities a run for their money. Doubtful? For a start, you may consider that it's the largest and most … [Read more...]

Touro University Nevada

Did you know that the quinquagenarian Touro University Nevada is home to one of Nevada's most intensive nursing schools? An impressive feat, considering the school is privately owned.Touro … [Read more...]

University of Nevada, Reno

Many have earmarked UNR's Orvis School of Nursing as the Silver State's flagship public nursing institution, and for good reasons. Start with the depth and range of options available to nursing … [Read more...]

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

UNLV's School of Nursing checks every box that makes a phenomenal nursing school — ranging from widely accredited, nationally recognized programs to a dynamic, diverse academic environment. That's … [Read more...]

Pierce College

Thanks to Pierce College's pocket-friendly tuition rates, working on a tight budget doesn't completely rule you out of a good education.Pierce College has two ADN selections, one for new students … [Read more...]

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