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Nurses provide various services to patients before, during, and after their care is provided by doctors. They’re responsible for everything from checking vital signs to administering medication to helping with rehabilitation exercises. As a result, nurses need excellent communication skills and a compassionate personality to make patients feel at ease when visiting or speaking with them on the phone.

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Oct 14, 2021 RN Programs Guides & Articles

LPN vs. RN: Things to Know for Your Nursing Degree

The nursing career is a rewarding and rapidly expanding one, and one great job prospects for growth within the next few decades. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an average 10% annual growth in both licensed practical nursing and registered nursing over the next decade.‌‌ If you are thinking of entering or returning to school to obtain a nursing degree, you may be wondering what type

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Sep 24, 2021 Registered Nurse

Step By Step Guide To Becoming A Registered Nurse

A registered nurse (RN) works alongside doctors and other nurses to deliver critical care to patients. The variety of roles you can choose from already once you have a registered nurse qualification are extensive, whether you're in a hospital, school, or private setting. And the opportunities for career progression are seemingly endless - whether you want to stay or even study further to become a

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Sep 10, 2021 LPN Programs Guides & Articles

Best Online LPN Programs: Accredited Programs in Nursing (2021 Review)

Have you considered a career in nursing as a licensed practical nurse (LPN)? LPNs are essential workers in numerous settings such as hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, among others.

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Sep 2, 2021 BSN Programs Guides & Articles

Top One Year Accelerated BSN Programs Online

An ABSN is designed for situations like this. It builds on the bachelor’s degree you already have, meaning that you do not have to start from scratch. And because students do not have to take as many courses, they can complete an ABSN in 12 to 16 months. It does require a lot of work in a short time, but it is a quick avenue for breaking into nursing care.

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There are several programs available that offer students guidance about career options in the workforce. These programs have a primary goal of helping students recognize their skills and to grow these skills. So many times natural gifts and skills that can be learned are overlooked. These skills can become ways these students can make a living for themselves.