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While many professions allow you to ‘learn on the job’ or come with training, being a medical professional means that you must attend medical school to get the best education you can, you will want to choose one of the best medical schools. Keep reading fr our top picks as well as what you should be on the lookout for.

1. Harvard University – 5 stars

Harvard University is world-renowned for offering a top tier education, and that extends into their medical training program. This school boasts a large and diverse population, making them the best for international students to attend. A degree from Harvard University is seen as good for you in all corners of this world.

2. Johns Hopkins University – 5 stars

Even if you do not know much about medical school, chances are you have heard of Johns Hopkins as being one of the best, offering a well respected and extensive education. This university gets top marks for a large number of educators, having a 5:1 student to faculty ratio. This is by far one where you can get a closely taught curriculum.

3. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill – 5 stars

In addition to possessing one of the premier medical schools in the country, the University of North Carolina also offers degrees i many other subjects. This allows the school to offer joint degrees between any combination of disciplines. For example, it is possible to study for a medical degree as well as an MBA. This school is by far the best for tailoring your education to your desires.

4. University of California – San Francisco – 4 stars

This is not only one of the best medical schools for general practice, but they also train some of the top surgeons in the world. This medical school is attached to a university that offers other courses and degrees, but it is seen y many as the best at training for surgery.

5. University of Toronto – 4 stars

Of course, the best universities could not all be in the United States. This school, in Canada, has as many as 80% of students in the graduate medical program who received undergraduate degrees from the institution. It is the best at offering a near-seamless transition between degree paths.

6. Stanford University – 3 stars

This university only offers medical training on a graduate level, but it is seen as one of the best at teaching about clinical medicine. While they do have a lot of students, they also possess a state of the art lab where pupils are able to work on projects.

7. David Geffen Medical School – University of California Los Angeles – 3 stars

Known as a hip and sophisticated school, the University of California’s Los Angeles chapter is also home to a medical school that is one of the best at scientific research. Whether you want to study the inner workings of a specific strain of bacteria or find vaccines that are needed by society, you can do it in their specially engineered research labs.

8. Medical School at Mayo Clinic – 4 stars

This school, known as the Alix School of Medicine at Mayo Clinic, is known around the world over for having unbeatable courses in the study and treatment of cancer. Cancer is one of the big scares of our world, with just the word being able to strike fear in the hearts of many, but this school is working to fix that.

How to Choose the Best Medical School For You

The first thing to do when looking for a medical university id to evaluate how it suits your lifestyle. Are classes flexible? Are you able to live on campus or a short distance from where the classes will be held? These are important things to consider, as is what you want to focus on. Choose a school that is known or teaching what you want well. For example, if you want to become a pediatrician, why would you train at a school known for training surgeons?

Are You Looking For a Graduate or Undergraduate Program?

Simply knowing that a medical school is ‘good’ says nothing about what type of courses it offers. Is it a training program before you choose a branch of medicine in which to specialize? Make sure when you are looking more closely into medical schools that you check what they offer is beneficial to what you want out of life.

How Can I Justify the Cost?

I know you are aware of just how much a quality education, especially medical education costs. However, to get past the initial sticker shock, it helps to think of it as an investment in yourself. Yes, a medical degree might be quite expensive in the short term, but you also have to factor in the value of the degree you will earn. From many schools, such education is invaluable.

Are There Any Prerequisites?

If you are looking to join a medical program as part of a graduate degree, it is highly recommended that you first earn an undergraduate medical degree. For an undergraduate program, there usually are no prerequisites other than a high school diploma. If you are looking at medicine as a career, it is suggested that you earn some training on your own, even if it is CPR.

How Do You Use a Medical Degree?

Once you have gone through school and earned a degree, it is time to begin a residency. This is like trial by fire, wherein you become a doctor after seeing if you can handle the stress, and you have gained the skills. A medical degree is not something to be taken lightly, as this sort of training can open many doors for you.

Which is the Best?

While different schools have different sets of advantages, in terms of preparing a large and diverse crop of new doctors, Harvard University is still the best. However, the flexibility that you get at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill is unparalleled. If designing your own degree and getting multiple certifications at the same time is important t you, this one may be the best one. Ultimately, it comes down to which school offers the program you want with the courses you want and fits within your budget.

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